Now Live on Steam Early Access!

It's been 2 months since the last update, and I'm happy to finally announce that The Last Craftsman is available on Steam Early Access!

With the new Early Access release comes a myriad of new features and bug fixes!

  • Craftsman Rank 3 and 4 are now unlocked
  • Rank 3 introduces new electricity mechanics
  • 2 additional floors to the Ruins
  • Tons of new enemies to fight and cards to collect
  • New fish to fill in resource gaps
  • Each villager sends you a unique gift when becoming friends with them
  • More improvements to the game visuals
  • Rebalanced machines that run longer
  • You can't walk through walls anymore! (So Embarrassing!)

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NEat! sorry I missed the launch day. I'll check it out! soon... eventually... :)