Html5 Build and some tips

There is now an HTML5 build on the page for people who want to try the game out without downloading it.  Godot has some minor audio issues with HTML5, so if you feel like the stuttering is too much then rest assured that the desktop version doesn't have any of them.

I'm working on fixing the Mac desktop version, but for some reason it decided to remove all the UI images and I have to fix that.

Also I just wanted to give some general tips for the game.  The first few days are meant to give the player time to gather up items, explore, and meet the townspeople.  On day 3 the Request Board will be unlocked, which gives you daily objectives to complete.  On day 4 you'll receive a letter from Etta to come see her at the lab, which unlocks the ability to discover new crafting recipes.  Pay close attention to the mail you get, as it also holds the key to solving Pete's fishing riddle.

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Is there a plan to let the player know in game what the first three days are for? If the developer has to tell each player what they need to be doing, seems like a flaw in the design.