v1.2.0 has launched!

I've been hard at work finally adding the eponymous previous Craftsman to Gear Springs!  In the new update the last Craftsman will appear on the 9th day of Spring (or after you sleep if you load a previous save.)  He will then escape into the ruins to enact destruction on the town.  You follow him and meet a new friend that helps you navigate the maze-like ruins, collecting the materials you need to save the town.



  • The Ruins now open up on Day 9, allowing you to collect Punch Cards, battle robotic fiends, and obtain valuable new materials.
  • A new transporter item (discovered with materials from the Ruins) will allow players to automate the transfer of items
  • Chests and machines can now be renamed


  • Gear Springs has gotten a little face-lift, with new sprites and some shiny new water
  • Machines will now automatically operate if they have the required materials
  • Furniture and machines are now placed on a more sensical grid
  • Placed paths now utilize the tile map and look a lot nicer

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed a large dead zone from shops that made selling items difficult
  • Fixed an issue where starting a new game would sometimes show the incorrect weather
  • The Coke Oven is now operational
  • The Tech Bubble can now properly be placed
  • Stone Crates no longer turn into Wood Crates when you pick them up
  • You can no longer duplicate items by researching your currently selected one

Oh and one last note, this will be the final update available for free on itch.  Next month the game will be going into Early Access on Steam.


TLC - Alpha (Windows) 1.2.0.zip 75 MB
Dec 27, 2022
TLC - Alpha.zip Play in browser
Dec 27, 2022

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